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We are all property owners. We all now just how much money the brick and mortar practices will charge owners for their conversion projects. So we decided to change this.

Our idea was to turn the thousands in fees into something much more accessible. So when Mike meet the professional architects Paula and Jane, the project looked that much closer to reality.

Together they founded Expert Plans, with one central idea - provide the best designs possible for the homeowners wishing to embark in residential projects, for the lowest fees on the market.

Our Team

A fully Grown Team

Growing Together

Encouraged by the early success with our Customer and their kind review, Mike and his team decided to opt-in a number of Engineers.

With their expertise our Company is now able to offer complete design packages for all our customers.

With more than 8 permanent staff and a large network of consultants and partners to drawn upon, Expert Plans is now the Designer of choice for many of UK's Homeowners.

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Planning Stage

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Structural Design

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Building Regulations

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Frequently asked questions

If you do not find the answers, give us a call. It's Free!
What does Expert Plans do?

We produce the required Plans and designs in order to get your project started. Normally required for Planning Applications or other planning related processes, these are the first steps in a construction project. 

What about the other Services? Structural and Building Regulations?

The short answer is Yes, we offer complete package. Our in-house engineers are able to provide you with the Structural Design and Calculations required for the initial Building Notice Application. Our Building Engineers will go further and design your project with specifications for each part of the Building Regulations

Are there any hidden costs?

No! Our quote will always include all the fees expected to be charged for our designs

What are the other costs involved?

As usual, there are 3rd Party Costs. Councils will charge for both Planning Applications and Building Control Applications. There are additional small fees for things like Location Plans and Land Registry Searches. Each costs are project based, but we will be able to give you an estimation at the outset, based on your individual design. 

What about insurance?

Great question! All our designs are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, up to £1 million pounds in value. We can also increase the threshold if your project requires a greater cover. Ask us more details

Great! How do I start?

It's simple! Get in touch with is via the Contact Form, Free Advice Hotline or Email Us. We will note your project details down and advise what steps you need to take. 

What about Construction Stage?

Once our designs are complete you are ready to start on site. Asks us about our Trusted Contractors scheme. You will continue to benefit from our Free Consultancy and Advice Program until the Completion of your project. If you want your Contract administered or your Project Managed, go further and ask us details!

Professional Architects and Engineers

Our fully qualified team is here to answer all your questions. With more than 30 years of experience within our practice we are ready to guide you through the construction process and make it seam easy!

Enjoy the full support of our team and benefit from a personal experience during the design phase and beyond. We are here to answer all your questions, and many more.

Looking for a Contractor to undertake the works? Speak with us after the designs are complete and we will put you in touch with Accredited and Trusted Contractors who can deliver the a hassle free project.

Our performance is our business card

We strive to achieve the best for our customers. The numbers speak for themselves. We are proud to be the Consultant of choice for hundreds of Property Owners to date.
Planning Success 9.5/10
Structures Designed and Delivered 100%
Enquiries into Projects 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 93%

Delivering across the UK

Based in London, reaching across the country

Our office and teams are based in West London. Our projects are taking us across the UK

Enjoy the dedicated personal experience for our customers, all while designing the right plans for your home.

Whether your location is in London, the surrounding areas or further away, we have the right solution. Get in touch now and tell us what your project is.
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