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Building Regulations

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What are Building Regulations?

Statutory Designs required to ensure a safe and healthy build environment

Most of the buildings in UK have to comply with the current Building Regulations (2010). These are designed to ensure that the building responds to its environment in a performant way.

Structural Design is only a part of of Building Regulations. The requirements cover in excess of 25 Parts, with detailed specifications needed for areas such as fire protection, thermal insulation, drainage installation, and so on.

Most of the Building Control Applications will require the Structure to be safe, every project has its own individual needs. Our experienced team of Engineers are here to advise you what designs are required for you.
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Building Regulations



We will produce the required Council Plans and submit the application on your behalf. All designs are bespoken for your property. 

Our quotes are fixed and with no hidden fees!

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  • list-img Project Scoping and Brief
  • list-img Building Regulations Design
  • list-img Detailed Specifications
  • list-img Construction Issue Drawings
  • list-img Building Control Application Submission
  • list-img Free Consultation to Completion and beyond

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How do I know if I need Building Regulations?

If you are doing works to the fabric of a building, removing structural walls or changing larger sections of a house, chances are you will need to submit a Building Control Applications.

Building Control Applications come in two types.

1. Building Notice Application - suitable for smaller projects.

2. Full Plans Application - suitable for larger projects and required for New Build and all other larger scale projects.

What if I am doing only a Small Project?

Depending on the extent of the works you undertake, you will need to comply with each Part of the Building Regulations 2010 that apply to your works. For example if you are removing a wall and relocating your boiler, you will both need to produce a Structural Design as part of the Building Notice Applications. You will also need to produce a Testing Certificate as part of your boiler works to allow the BC Surveyor to close the application by issuing a Completion Certificate.


The designs your require are likely to be more diverse if your project is larger. Our team has the in-house expertise to undertake most of the Building Regulations Parts designs. We also work with a network of Consultants, ready to step in when your project requires specialised input (for example HVAC systems, commercial fire protection etc)

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It's simple! Get in touch with is via the Contact Form, Free Advice Hotline or Email Us. We will note your project details down and advise what steps you need to take. 

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With Structural Design and Building Regulations finished, you are now days away from starting on site. Your project needs to go out on Tender and ready for Contractors to bid on it

We can liaise with Contractors and manage this process for you. We can go further an administer your contract and project on site. Alternatively, you can be you own Project Manager. Make sure you get the right advice from us on all aspects of concern.

If you are still to secure a contractor, ask us about our Trusted Contractor Network. We work closely with Professional Constructors that are ready to deliver your project hassle free!

The other Stages

Planning Package



We will produce the required Council Plans and submit the application on your behalf. All designs are bespoken for your property. 

Our quotes are fixed and with no hidden fees!

Structural Design



Structure is an essential component in every  building. Our Structural Engineers are here to provide you with all required details. 

Ask now what is required for your project!

Building Regulations



Detailed Design for all the required Building Regulations areas. Bespoken specifications such as insulation and building fabric. 

Complete Building Control Application!

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