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Structural Package

We will undertake all necessary Structural Calculations
and get your project construction ready. Prices as low as £485

Looking for a Structural Engineer?

Structural design and engineering are often required in conversion projects

Structure is one of the key elements of any building. A well designed structure saves both time and money on site.

Every project has its own individual needs. Our experienced team of Engineers are here to advise you what designs are required for you.

Most of the Building Control Applications will require a set of Structural Plans and Calculations. Get in touch and tell us about your project!
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We will produce the required Council Plans and submit the application on your behalf. All designs are bespoken for your property. 

Our quotes are fixed and with no hidden fees!

What is included?

  • list-img Project Scoping and Brief
  • list-img Structural Calculations
  • list-img Engineering Drawings and Plans
  • list-img Application Submission
  • list-img Project Support and Guidance
  • list-img Free Consultation to Completion and beyond

Having a Smaller Project?

Are you removing a wall or just a Chimney Breast? We have you covered!

How it Works?

Your Requirements

It all starts with this. Tell us what you need designing? We will advise if we see a better way.
What is your Project?

Structural Design

We will produce the Structural Designs tailored for your needs and your Project. Completed with the Structural Calculations.
Cost Effective

Application Submission

We will submit and manage the Building Control Application on your behalf. Leave any queries to us, we guarantee our Engineers support.
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When BC approves the application you are ready to construct. Need a Contractor? Ask us for Trusted Recommendations
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Next Steps...

What we require from you to get started?

Access the page below and send us a messsage with following

Property Details

Give us details about your property. Feel free to include location and any previous planning history.

Your Requirements

Tell us a bit about what you are looking for in your project. Add details such as timescales and budget.

Include your Questions

We will get back to you as soon as we get the enquiry. In the meantime, free to send us your questions for the project.

Removing a Chimney Breast

Check your design

The majority of Chimney Breast Removals might require a Structural Engineer to assess the structure. This is to ensure the safety and integrity of your Home and the Adjacent Properties.

In many cases a support such as a Steel beam will need to be installed to provide bearing for the overhead structure. Check with our experienced Engineers what designs are required for you, and the enjoy peace of mind knowing that a professional is on your side.

The other Stages

Planning Package



We will produce the required Council Plans and submit the application on your behalf. All designs are bespoken for your property. 

Our quotes are fixed and with no hidden fees!

Structural Design



Structure is an essential component in every  building. Our Structural Engineers are here to provide you with all required details. 

Ask now what is required for your project!

Building Regulations



Detailed Design for all the required Building Regulations areas. Bespoken specifications such as insulation and building fabric. 

Complete Building Control Application!

This year we have undertaken more than

241 Structural Designs for property projects

These often come with Structural Works

Party Wall

If you are doing works to the Party Wall or have adjacent properties to yours, chances are you might require this. We will guide you through the process and the requirements of the Act. Enquiry with us about our services.
Our Clients get special Rates!

Application Support

Not confident about what applications are required? Don't worry! We have you covered. As part of all our packages we offer to submit the required applications on your behalf. In addition we will manage the process and communications for you.
All you need to do is Relax!

Contract Administration

Are you running a larger projects or planning to develop further properties? Enquire with us about our full Contract Administration Services. Either JCT or other standard construction contracts, we will run the project in your behalf.
Get peace of mind during construction!